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My Aran Life In Me


My Aran Life In Me
In a single breath, a childhood of dreams irreversibly changed into a life of challenges. It was a beautiful, warm summer on a tiny island off the west coast of Ireland. Fields of wildflowers, rock walls to climb, old forts to explore, wild blackberries and fuchsia plentiful and delicious, horses in the fields always hopeful for a clover from the other side of the fence, and warm cookies from Nana’s oven every day – a childhood of dreams for any 5-year-old. Until that morning when Ronan ran out into the road in front of his Nana’s house and was hit by a car. His parents and brother watched helplessly over his tiny, mangled body praying that he would live. Ronan tells the story of his long recovery, his physical and mental challenges, his happiest memories, and his journey to acceptance. His book will inspire you to look at the challenges in your own life and look for opportunities to grow from them. Ronan hopes to inspire other people with disabilities to try to embrace the gifts in their life instead of focusing on the challenges.



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