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Irish poet Dr Arthur Broomfield


Irish poet Dr Arthur Broomfield

Irish Poet’s collection evokes memories of Ireland’s past.
Irish poet Dr Arthur Broomfield has launched Ireland Calling, a new book of poems of special interest to Irish people residing in Canada . The collection is written in ballad form and recalls stories, characters and events – some humorous, some sad – that will evoke nostalgic  memories of Ireland’s past. Love for his subject, for the Irish characters, stories and landscape, is the inspiration that drives Broomfield’s work.
Clare Bolger, Irish author, academic and literary critic writes: Broomfield’s poetry is ‘written in the language of the people, it digs deep into the Irish tradition of telling comes  from the “deep heart’s core,” ’ as readers will note when poems such as ‘Planting the Spuds’, ‘The Fairy Bush’. The Rambling House’ tug the heart strings. Revival Press, Broomfield’s publishers, insist ‘if there’s a drop of Irish blood in your arteries, this book is for you’.
Arthur Broomfield’s Ireland Calling truly comes from ‘the deep heart’s core’.  Written in the language of the people  it digs deep into the Irish tradition of telling yarns and bringing characters to life, through dramas and events,  that, in their telling, sparkle with  vitality, ‘spakes’ and humour that will draw those of Irish origin back to their roots, and for those less fortunate, open valuable insights into the Irish character. In ‘Making the Deal’ the young boy learns the art of buying cattle at the April fair ‘every trick and nod, every nudge and sign’.
The emigrant in a North American city, in a sensuous Heaney like image recalls
 ‘the Cappagh soil between my hands,
the smell of the dung, the sunset and the view,’
in ‘Planting the Spuds’.  
‘Flour bought in Mansworth’s, buttermilk from the cow’, is ‘shaped round with floury hands, some upon her brow’ in a poem that aches with the longing for soda bread [He Dreams of Soda Bread].



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