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Radio Ireland - A Book of Fiction


Radio Ireland - A Book of Fiction

Kevin Mahon was born and raised in the Toronto area of Canada and now resides in the musical capital of the world, Austin TX.
Since 1991 Kevin has been a journeyman recording artist, musician, and songwriter traveling throughout North America with such acts as The Plaid Daddys, Declan Nine, Real Gone, The Cradles, and most recently Before The Devil Knows You're Dead.

In 2015 Kevin began to compile personal recordings he had made over the years into a solo project entitled Hell's Kitchen Irish Ale.

Radio Ireland is a new novel by Kevin Mahon, a Canadian who now calls Austin, Texas home, but his family roots are in Ireland. His father grew up on Dublin’s northside.

Kevin’s novel is initially set in Austin, Texas, but moves quickly to Dublin. The author skillfully portrays Brendan Daly, the main character, with a perfect balance of gravity and humor.

Brendan leaves his past behind in search of a new life in Dublin. This is a story of discovery, home coming, and new beginnings, interwoven with the difficult subjects of grief, addiction, and depression.

Radio Ireland – Book Premise:

“After the passing of his father, Brendan decides to leave North America behind and begin a new life as a rock radio host in his family’s ancestral home of Dublin.

But when Brendan arrives he discovers that Rory, his co-host and lifelong friend, is missing. In a moment of inspiration, Brendan invents an unexpected co-host who takes Dublin by storm and invites him to confront his past.

What results is an emotionally charged and heartfelt tale that combines laugh-out-loud stories with bittersweet episodes and an ending you won’t soon forget.”



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