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Eilis Crean interview


Born in Ballintubber, Co. Roscommon, Ireland. Éilís Crean grew up in a house where traditional Irish music was cultivated, cherished and appreciated. She plays fiddle and was taught by the highly esteemed and legendary Eddie Kelly. Her childhood years saw many hours with Eddie, teasing through the artful arrangement of his notes during the weekly lessons and she is now, one of only six fiddle-players world-wide that plays the East Galway Irish Music Tradition.

Through the years, Éilís has competed and won prizes and accolades at various competitions and events throughout Ireland, Great Britain and the USA. In 2014 she released her debut album called The Lonesome Fiddler which was the first album of it’s kind to showcase the East Galway Irish Music Tradition (EGIMT) as interpreted by Eddie Kelly. John Doyle, Kevin Crawford, Dermot Byrne and Kenny Malone were guest artists on the album which was received with critical acclaim throughout Ireland and the USA and further afield.

In July 2017 Crean released her second album Searbh Siúcra which features twenty-one Eddie Kelly
compositions that have never been circulated before. This album is set to provide an inestimable contribution to the world of traditional Irish music, specifically the East Galway Irish Music Tradition. Guest artists on this album include John Doyle, Mike McGoldrick, Kevin Burke and John Regan from the world of Irish music. It also brings together many Nashville musicians who have a deep understanding and passion of Irish music; celebrated artists such as Jeff Taylor and John Mock have come together to celebrate the music of Eddie Kelly.

When Éilís is not preforming and teaching the East Galway Irish Music Tradition and the music of Eddie Kelly she can be found in various hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the USA offering consultation on the setup and implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)



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