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Challenges facing new Irish Emigrants - Panel Discussion


Moderator Tim O'Connor, Sinead Crowley, Joe Thompson, Cathy Murphy, Stephen Ahern

Sinead Crowley
IIBN is the leading network of Irish entrepreneurs and business professionals.  The objective of IIBN is to facilitate greater communication and connectivity between successful Irish business people all over the world with a view to identifying and exploiting new business opportunities.

IIBN achieves its objectives in the following ways:
• By facilitating networking among members at local and global level
• By fostering and nurturing Irish entrepreneurs
• By mentoring the next generation of Irish entrepreneurs


Joe Thompson

The Irish Australian Support Association of Queensland Inc. (IASAQ) is a Charity Organisation that looks after the Welfare of  Irish Australians from all backgrounds, faiths & walks of life, in Queensland.  Funded by the Irish Government under the Emigrant Support Programe from Department of Foreign affairs and Trade, with a sister organisations in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth which along with the Irish Embassy in Canberra, the Consulate in Sydney and the Honorary Consulate in Perth, provide continent wide access to information and supports for the Diaspora in Australia.

The aim is to support the Irish community in Queensland where possible, in times of need or distress.  They may require help in accessing services, need information for newly arrived, require a new Irish passport, or need support if they find themselves in a tricky situation.  

Cathy Murphy
I/CAN gives information—not advice. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is your main resource. I/CAN has no immigration lawyers or consultants on staff.

I/CAN provide:

    information on work permits and permanent residency
    seminars facilitated by volunteer specialists
    essential guides and up-to-date news
    helpful settlement links
    direction to services in your community if you are in crisis
    a witness for your passport application (in Toronto only)

Stephen Ahern

Irish Outreach San Diego is a vibrant, multi-service center focused on assisting;

    Irish citizens
    Those of Irish ancestry
    Irish visitors (summer students) in San Diego.

Established in 1999, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves the Irish community in San Diego and throughout Southern California. We are the regional member center of the Coalition of Irish Immigration Centers (CIIC) and are officially recognized by the Irish Consulate in San Francisco. We work with many local entities to insure the Irish are welcomed, supported in the community, and their interests and rich cultural heritage are promoted within the region. We are particularly focused on assisting new arrivals and the vulnerable and elderly in the Irish community.




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