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Bat species in Ireland


Bat species in Ireland

Carole Reynolds, Education Officer in the Connemara National Park
Irish bats are all small, most only weigh about 5g and none weigh more than about 12g. That’s less than about three little spoons of sugar (or three 5c pieces). All Irish bats are brown in colour, although some have white bellies. Irish bats all eat insects. They are insectivorous. The bat in the picture is an Irish Lesser Horseshoe Bat. The only places in Ireland where you can find bats that eat fruit are the zoos in Dublin and Belfast. The bats that are kept in both zoos are Rodrigues Fruit Bats, which come from a tropical island in the Indian Ocean.
There are nine different types of bats found in Ireland. Some of these are found all over the island of Ireland, while some are just found in some places.

    Common pipistrelle
    Soprano pipistrelle
    Nathusius’ pipistrelle
    Leisler’s bat
    Daubenton’s bat
    Whiskered bat
    Natterer’s bat
    Brown long-eared bat
    Lesser horseshoe bat



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