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When Wire Was King


When Wire Was King is a one-hour documentary that puts the telecommunications revolution into historical context while also looking into the crystal ball of the future – talking to the world’s leading telecommunications experts – to see where we may be going.  
New communications technologies enter the market today at breakneck speed, as the convergence between the media that produce content and the telecommunications companies that distribute it accelerates exponentially. Regulators struggle to control the flow, but are stymied due to an ever-shifting landscape. Commerce, technology, entertainment, travel, health, and all societal interaction is now so dependent on secure and efficient telecommunications that, if the plug was pulled, our world would fall apart. It is critically important for Americans to have a basic understanding of what drives, threatens, and governs the telecommunications technology on which we are all so dependent. When Wire Was King empowers Americans to better appreciate where our reliance on this seemingly indispensable technology puts us today, how we got here, and where it is likely to take us in the future.  

When Wire was King is targeted at a general American audience. Currently in pre-production, the documentary is produced by Jennifer A. Manner (respected authority on telecommunications policy and spectrum management), written by Dr. Wendy Leonard, and edited by Barbara Ballow with support from the production company, Henninger Media.



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