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Ambassador Jim Kelly on Ireland's bid for election to UN Security Council


Ireland has formally launched it's campaign for a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

Irish Ambassador to Canada, Jim Kelly, explains the significance and importance of this initiative. The Irish Government stated " Ireland’s campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council is central to our international agenda, and is driven by our belief that we are far stronger acting together than we are acting alone. During more than six decades of UN membership, Ireland has played a leading role as a small member state that is vocal, active and courageously committed to peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, disarmament, sustainable development, personal freedom, free trade, democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

Winning a seat on the UN Security Council would place Ireland at the heart of UN decision-making on international peace, security and development. It would also continue Ireland’s proud tradition of international engagement dating back to our admission to the UN in 1955. We will have a tough campaign on our hands over the next two years and we certainly don’t underestimate our competition, but I am confident that by putting our full support behind the campaign and by emphasising Ireland’s unique strengths and track record, we can succeed."

"We are looking to serve on the UN Security Council over 2021-22 because we believe in a strong UN and we want to be at the centre of it, advocating for our core values. We have unique perspectives to bring based on our experiences in areas like peacekeeping, conflict resolution and international development. And ‘Global Ireland’ is about more than just advancing our prosperity - it is also about promoting our values and making this a safer, more secure and more sustainable world."



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