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Charlie Landsborough Interview


Charlie Landsborough

I was always surrounded by music and my dad told me I used to sing myself to sleep when I was about three. He was a ballad singer billed locally as the Silver Voiced Tenor and one of my earliest recollections is of sitting on his knee at a 'do' and duetting with him on You Take The Tables And I'll Take The Chairs . My mother's favourites were Gracie Fields and Hank Williams - now there's a combination. My brothers of course were returning from their voyages with the first guitars I'd ever seen and wonderful country music from such artists as Hank Williams, Jimmy Rodgers, Ferlin Husky and Montana Slim. They'd often arrive home with a group of friends and a crate of beer and I'd sit enthralled as they laughed and sang the hours away.

Once I was married I became a little more responsible and although I played with the local bands I worked a variety of jobs during the day. At various times I was a grocery store manager, driver, navvy, quality control engineer (bluffed my way in) and finally a teacher. All the time my dreams were of music.

During my teaching years I began to write to try and fulfil my ambition of being a professional singer and to bring about the musical recognition I sought. Ironically I began to make a name as a writer and my singing was overlooked. However through my songs I began to meet people who have since become great friends to me. People like George Hamilton IV, Daniel O'Donnell and of course Foster and Allen. Tony Allen it was who first invited me to Ireland and I've been going there ever since.



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