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Singer Songwriter Ailie Blunnie


Ailie Blunnie is a musician and songwriter from Leitrim in the north west of Ireland. Her songs have a stillness and beauty that carry echoes of the landscapes of her childhood, and a vibrancy and vigour that lend freshness to the modern folk genre in which she works.

Four years in the making, Ailie Blunnie’s début album, West to the Evening Sun, takes an emotionally vibrant journey through soundscapes of hope and loss, urban and celtic, myth and magic.

From Leitrim, Ailie grew up steeped in the stillness and beauty of the north-west. Her college studies took her east – first music, and later, psychology and psychotherapy – and, now based in Dublin, she uses elements from her experiences, rural to city, arts to science, to craft a sound-world that is expansive yet hauntingly intimate.

Her début EP, On love.. and other murder mysteries (2013), was her first foray into the forests of independent musicianship. From it, the third track, ‘How much do you love me?‘, won the UK International Songwriting Competition (2014: Love Songs). And her next single, ‘I Will Count my Blessings’ – a commitment to honouring core values (‘I will count my blessings/I will speak my heart and my mind/I will not be more or less than I am for you‘), was included on the 2015 release, ‘Don’t be afraid of the light that shines within you’ – a CD produced by Samaritans Ireland.

With vocal hints of Sinéad Lohan, Michael Stipe, and Agnes Obel, a nod towards Ger Wolfe’s tender storytelling, a dusting of Steve Reich, and the dueling distant thump of early-90s grunge and late-90s electro, the Leitrim singer-songwriter’s début album, produced by Daragh Dukes, is available from 10th November 2017.



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