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Ireland at UN Peace Keeping Conf 2017


Canada hosted the 2017 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial on November 14-15 in Vancouver, British-Columbia. The conference was the largest gathering of Defence ministers dedicated to UN Peacekeeping with more than 550 delegates from some 79 countries and five international organizations and was attended by Under-Secretaries-General for Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support, Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Atul Khare.

The goals the conference's goals were:

    To measure the progress made since the 2016 UN Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial;
    To encourage new pledges from Member States, particularly in areas where the UN faces gaps, such as rapid deployment, helicopters and francophone units;
    To advance peacekeeping reform through the efforts of Member States and the UN to improve the UN’s capacity to better plan and perform peacekeeping operations;
    To foster pragmatic and innovative solutions to make peacekeeping operations more effective, by building on the “3Ps” (pledges, planning, performance) with a new focus on partnerships.

48 delegations made new peacekeeping pledges and 54 countries endorsed the Vancouver Principles on the prevention of the recruitment and use of child soldiers in peacekeeping operations.

Many Member States came forward with “smart” pledges, including some in partnership with other countries and the UN to deliver key capabilities to fill gaps in peacekeeping operations, such as: Engineering units, Fixed and rotary wing aviation assets, Quick Reaction Forces, Rapidly Deployable Battalions, and Medical capabilities

Commitments also included innovative pledges for better and more sustainable training and capacity-building. These training efforts will help to ensure that peacekeepers can succeed in the difficult contexts into which they are deployed. Member States also pledged to increase the deployment of female troops and police officers.





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