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Carmel Duffy all about Athlone Castle


Athlone Castle was first built to defend the crossing point on the River Shannon and evolved into a bold defensive structure over the centuries. Elements of the original castle can still be seen today.

We tell the story of settlement in this part of Ireland’s Ancient East, from the Neolithic period through Viking, and Medieval ages to modern life in Athlone.

During our visit we heard from Carmel Duffy and Colm Wiley and discovered tales of bitter battles fought, territories won and lost and hear stories of bravery. We heard about the monks, kings, soldiers and generals. We tell you their stories and the story of Athlone Castle through a series of modern exhibitions, authentic museum artefacts, interactive games and an intense 360º cinematic experience of the Great Siege of Athlone.

Some stories will be sad, some treacherous, some heroic and many will be bloody…



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