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Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees


Diana Beresford-Kroeger, Irish-Canadian scientist and acclaimed author, brings the story of ancient sacred trees to the heart of the Boreal Forest in the new documentary Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees. The film will be screening across Canada launching in Guelph and Vancouver this month. (see below for screening dates across the Country)

The documentary film Call of the Forest has a magical quality that carries us into the world's ancient forests, transporting us into a world of surprising beauty. Starting in Canada, Ms. Beresford-Kroeger’s journey spans the globe in search of the scientists, foresters and activists working to protect and replant the world's northern forests. The film explores the science, folklore, and history of this essential ecosystem. Beresford-Kroeger reminds us that when we improve our profound human connection to woodlands we can, not only, restore our health - we can restore our planet.

"Forests are the great protectors of our world,” says Beresford-Kroeger, "they keep the human family alive, and healthy, and prospering. They are like a green blanket protecting us from climate change, preserving our water systems, and maintaining a complex network of biodiversity. Call of the Forest offers a simple, achievable strategy for each of us to combat climate change by replanting forests in our own neighbourhoods. I am asking each person to plant one tree a year for six years, and by doing so we can all join together to help preserve the global forest."

Jeff McKay, the Peabody Award-winning filmmaker, says "This film offers an opportunity to travel to remote and beautiful old growth forests, to learn how these are the building blocks of our world." He adds that, "For so many of us - it's hard to believe it but we are at a turning point, and I want to help people reconnect with forests - and the trees in our own backyard and neighbourhood. Planting trees can only help as atmospheric carbon levels have now exceeded 404 parts per million, higher than ever recorded in human history."



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