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Nuala Duignan


Nuala Duignan is an experienced Life Coach and a member of the Association of Coaching, Ireland. She uses her accumulated work experiences and coaching skills to help move individuals from where they are currently, to where they want to reach. Her dedicated website outlines the benefits of life coaching.

Charting Your Life's Roadmap in an Uncertain World: choose happiness daily by qualified life coach, Nuala Duignan, is a book that describes how we can all live out our true vocation in life.

She illustrates this in many ways, particularly from the words of some of her past clients.

Happiness, she contends, really is a choice – an opportunity that we all should seize. Not just at times like New Year, but the whole year through.

At any given juncture in our lives, we need to be asking ourselves, "are we really doing the work that we were born to do?" – that which makes us feel positive about our life choices?

First published in 2013, the initial print run of Charting Your Life's Roadmap ... quickly sold out and the book has been in demand ever since, albeit in limited supply. While it has been available in e-book editions, the print edition has now been re-issued, in response to popular demand and is available to buy online through various outlets. Further information about how to buy (in print and e-book editions) is available from The Manuscript Publisher.

If you are considering the direction that you need to go in from the coming year and beyond, Charting Your Life's Roadmap in an Uncertain World should be your first viewing point. You will gain an insight, in the process, into how Life Coaching can guide you through the Action Steps towards your Desired Goal. Support from a Life Coach will help you to overcome personal challenges, by giving you the Tools that you need to help you to develop a positive feeling of empowerment in your daily life.

You will find out more by visiting Nuala Duignan's dedicated website:



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